American Joon

Friday, June 30, 2006

I will learn to use a scanner.

Auntie Jane, who made my pretty blue lei, took a photo of me and Mommy together at last month's Ohana meeting. I look very sporty in my trunks and lei. It's a film photo, so Mommy will teach me how to use the scanner.
Mommy talked about a lot of things, but no one fell asleep. Mommy was surprised. Everybody had fun, and there were four new members. All the Aunties really loved the Brokore Magazine, and they admired Mommy's Saitama DVD. Mommy says she has to figure out if she can load stuff onto the music player. She just got the Broadway OST for "Wicked" and can't stop listening to it.

They are planning a birthday celebration at the meeting after next, it is on August 29, my Daddy's birthday!
Mommy played with me before she went to work yesterday night. I liked it so much that when she had to go we gave each other so very sad looks. When she came home late at night, she went straight into our room and Alice was still awake, and Mommy noticed I was sitting differently and my shoes were gone, but didn't say anything. She did mention that she thought I looked happy. I was happy, but Alice said it's a secret so I did not tell.

Oh, Nana, you cannot keep a secret!
The next morning Mommy was putting on a Halloween sock on her left foot and a sock with doggie pawprints on her right foot, and Nana came in and told her Alice and I had played together for a long time the night before, and we played dress-up and Super Mario Sunshine.
She made my hair look like Sora in Kingdom Hearts, and we played Kingdom Hearts 2 and had cocoa with tiny marshmallows in it, and rocky road ice cream.
Maybe Mommy should go to work more nights.

Friday, June 23, 2006

American Joon

My Auntie BB has a new baby!

He is very beautiful. He looks like a snowman Joon. It looks like he might be named Agi. Mommy told me about St. Augustine today.

Tomorrow is the NPR listening party, early in the morning.

Sadly, Korea lost. Mommy doesn't want to hear about football for four years.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

At least my room is lovely.

That awful woman!

She and some Ohana did a radio interview and did not bring me to be interviewed! And I am very articulate and lovely!

The interviewer, she said, was a very beautiful Korean-American woman, and her partner was a beautiful woman from India. That Woman - after tonight, she's demoted back to "That Woman" - would like to go to India someday. I would like a sari. I would look so dignified in one!

Sunday morning, I sat on her lap and we watched the match on the Internet. We were happy for Auntie Camille when France scored, but sad for us. Then Korea scored and I sailed up into the air and was caught in That Woman's arms. Nana and Alice just stared at us, and we danced in the living room. I like dancing. I want a pair of red horns!

There is a new picture of Daddy next to me in my room. I got it for Father's Day. I tried to write Daddy a note for Father's Day, but didn't have anything to write with. I made up a card in my head, to send:

Dearest Daddy,

Happy Father's Day. You are a very handsome, special and wonderful man. I am very proud that I inherited these traits from you.

Please have a Happy Father's Day, and please come rescue me from this horrible American woman.

Love, your Bear-Child,
Friday Joon

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Japanese Joons

My brother, Orange Joon, wrote in his diary:

Happy with Yukatas

Daddy’s country won the soccer game other day.

We were cheering fot the team, I was soooo happy that they won.

We are wearing yukatas that our mommy sent us.

We were wearing yukatas when we were watching the game.

We got toooo excited, that our obis(belts) got loose.

I hope we could go see the fireworks on a summer night!!

Orange Joon

Who is the IMX Japan Joon Brothers' Mommy?

I wish she was mine. I have no Yukata. Poor Friday!

Monday, June 12, 2006

He's very, very good-looking

Though, I think, not quite as handsome as me.
This is my brother Rider in Ohio, in a sweet Soccer outfit his Foster Mom bought for him.

I think American women do not know how to sew. I wonder why anyone ever marries them?

Yes, he is beautiful. Joon Bears cannot help but be very beautiful.
We look like our gorgeous Daddy.

Aloha to my dear brother Rider!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


The fact that there are other Khaki Joon Bears is a very nice thought. Everyone should have one, because we are smart, good-looking, and very loveable.

But there's another insane fat white woman in our room now, wearing overalls. She has a 12 year old daughter who plays with Alice, named Grace. She's taller than my M. but looks like her, but her hair is brown. Her name is Shelli Smith.

I think one is more than enough, thank you very much!

Friday, June 09, 2006

My Brother's name is "Rider"

He is a Khaki Joon bear and will be going to live with darling, sweet Auntie Mrs. A in Ohio.

M. says Auntie Mrs. A is a buckeye, because she is a sweet little nut. I think M. has been spending too much time working. She did not cuddle me for three days! Today, she did, and she messed up my hair. Fortunately, I look very good with messed-up hair, just like my dear Daddy, who is in Kajifrhewhwa9yh&istan right now. Or something spelled like that. This means, we will see him on television in a few months.

M. needs to get another job so we can get a big big screen TV so that I can see my Daddy.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Welcome to my American Brothers!

I hope you will email me at and send me your photographs.


You see? Now everyone in the American family can have a Joon Bear like me...haha, That Woman paid fifty dollars more for me. Do you know why?

Because I am the first and best American Joon Bear, that is why.

Having an American....Mommy (for want of a better word) isn't so bad. I suppose it could be worse. Not much, but I am becoming accustomed to it. I'm sure all the other American Joon Bears will have it better than I do with this crazy woman. I am fond of her. A little.

I hope she buys me the Saitama DVD so I can watch my Daddy. If she's nice, I might even tell her what he's saying on it.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


So, there's a difference, from the incessant moaning and complaining coming from That Woman, between my sweet, loving Aunties and That Woman's sister. Apparently, they don't get along.

This should be interesting to watch.

Friday, June 02, 2006

I am so pretty in this...

Auntie Jane made a lei and gave it to me at Ohana meeting Tuesday. The next morning, the Mom Lady went and said goodbye to my kind, wonderful uncles whom I hope will be back soon, and also that awful, horrid uncle. She should have said: "Go to Alaska from now on." Instead, she said she hopes he will come back soon, too. I think she likes that rotten uncle! I think all her taste is in her mouth.

She said new family posted on the KOB, from the Mainland. We have family in ten states or more, now. She also said "I knew it." because once Winter Sonata played nationwide, there would be a groundswell, like someone knocking over a couple of dominoes, and that it will grow from there.

Daddy, hurry and visit America in relative obscurity while you still can!