American Joon

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mom's Blog

Mom can't update her blog any more, as Google took over Blogger, and her signin only brings her to Gmail, not blogspot.

She's very sad about this, and hopes the blogspot people will fix it. She's not holding her breath, she says.

She also pointed out to me that every time there's slow news on Daddy, people start nagging him about parts of his life that are very personal and none of their business, and she wishes they would lay off.

Friday, August 11, 2006

A Phone-y Photo

Do you see my beautiful Yukata? I am standing on Mommy's bed, looking at her posters of Daddy. The pink scarf was a birthday present from Auntie Flor. She put it around my room and the top part of her bed to look exotic and pretty.
Sebastian, my brother in Japan, sent me the gorgeous yukata I am wearing. Isn't it nice? I will wear it to Daddy's birthday party. This is the place I sit on the bed when I help Mommy with her writing and designing during the day.
She took this picture with her phone she got for her birthday. I gave her my name that I wrote in calligraphy and a black jacket like Daddy's that he wore to the airport a few weeks ago. Sebastian's Okasan gave her two pretty drawings. She sent them a present in the mail today. What is it? Oh, I cannot tell!

Mommy's gentleman friend in Korea bought the party favors for Daddy's birthday party today and will mail them to us, soon. I am happy! What a nice gentleman! Mommy wanted to get me a hanbok from Build a Bear, but she says they only have girl ones and she'd like to give me a boy one. Maybe for my birthday in February...
Tomorrow I might get to see Auntie Joanne. I hope so!