Monday, March 26, 2007

Out of Exile

I am out of exile.

I had to be hidden under a pillow or in the top of a closet for three months. But Mommy took me down and kissed me on the nose every day. A little Korean girl played with me - she threw me up in the air and caught me a lot, and took off my clothes and left me naked. Mommy would chuckle every time she'd move the pillow and find me there. "Goin' commando again, huh Friday?" she'd laugh, dressing me again.

On my birthday, she brushed my hair and cuddled me: "I'm sorry I can't do anything for your birthday. I didn't forget. We're gonna go home soon, and you'll have a place of honor again."

I have a place of honor on the new bed, in our new apartment. It's small and white and charming. There are lots of very noisy neighbors. Last night, as we were falling asleep, Mommy laughed and said, "Listen!"

The music from Winter Sonata was coming through the window. A few minutes later, we heard one of the loud people, who had been playing guitar and singing songs the night previous, say: "What's with the bikes? They're walking in the trees and all of a sudden there's these bikes! What, did they steal them?"

Mommy yelled back through the window: "There's a bike rental on the island. I've been there!"

"Thanks!" the gentleman yelled back. White people are funny.


Blogger Edward said...

So glad to hear you're back Friday. Missed your posts.

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