Thursday, June 08, 2006

Welcome to my American Brothers!

I hope you will email me at and send me your photographs.


You see? Now everyone in the American family can have a Joon Bear like me...haha, That Woman paid fifty dollars more for me. Do you know why?

Because I am the first and best American Joon Bear, that is why.

Having an American....Mommy (for want of a better word) isn't so bad. I suppose it could be worse. Not much, but I am becoming accustomed to it. I'm sure all the other American Joon Bears will have it better than I do with this crazy woman. I am fond of her. A little.

I hope she buys me the Saitama DVD so I can watch my Daddy. If she's nice, I might even tell her what he's saying on it.


Blogger bb said...

mmm.... friday, you seem to be adjusting pretty well to life in hawaii... happy for you!

your english's gotta so good now, and you almost got that Kyrgyzstan spelling down pat... :p

11:42 AM  
Blogger Friday said...

I'd rather be in Asia, with my real mom, whomever she is.

Of course my spelling is good, my head is full of the best stuffing money can buy!

1:31 PM  

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