Wednesday, June 21, 2006

At least my room is lovely.

That awful woman!

She and some Ohana did a radio interview and did not bring me to be interviewed! And I am very articulate and lovely!

The interviewer, she said, was a very beautiful Korean-American woman, and her partner was a beautiful woman from India. That Woman - after tonight, she's demoted back to "That Woman" - would like to go to India someday. I would like a sari. I would look so dignified in one!

Sunday morning, I sat on her lap and we watched the match on the Internet. We were happy for Auntie Camille when France scored, but sad for us. Then Korea scored and I sailed up into the air and was caught in That Woman's arms. Nana and Alice just stared at us, and we danced in the living room. I like dancing. I want a pair of red horns!

There is a new picture of Daddy next to me in my room. I got it for Father's Day. I tried to write Daddy a note for Father's Day, but didn't have anything to write with. I made up a card in my head, to send:

Dearest Daddy,

Happy Father's Day. You are a very handsome, special and wonderful man. I am very proud that I inherited these traits from you.

Please have a Happy Father's Day, and please come rescue me from this horrible American woman.

Love, your Bear-Child,
Friday Joon


Blogger bb said...

ha, go rescue you? friday, are you sure that woman didn't put you up to this so that she gets to see your daddy?!

love ya!

7:35 AM  
Blogger Friday said...

I'm sure she never thought of that.

Anyway, if he tried to get me, I think she'd put up a fight. Even from Daddy. Silly woman loves me so.

11:23 AM  
Blogger mrs a said...

Aww...Friday. THAT WOMAN thinks you are handsome, special and wonderful too. Give her alittle sugar, Friday! You catch more flies with honey, don't ya know.

New Picture of Daddy, aren't you lucky. Do you share it with

7:38 PM  
Blogger flowerbossa said...

So, your "mommy" wants to go to India, does she? My dear friend satovic is an ayurveda expert and she goes to India quite often. She looks amazing in a sari -she wore one when she was in Taipei last summer, and the media thought she was a genuine Indian! I hope to go one day, too.

9:54 PM  
Blogger bb said...

me too me too! me want to go to india too :p

7:45 AM  

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