Friday, June 30, 2006

I will learn to use a scanner.

Auntie Jane, who made my pretty blue lei, took a photo of me and Mommy together at last month's Ohana meeting. I look very sporty in my trunks and lei. It's a film photo, so Mommy will teach me how to use the scanner.
Mommy talked about a lot of things, but no one fell asleep. Mommy was surprised. Everybody had fun, and there were four new members. All the Aunties really loved the Brokore Magazine, and they admired Mommy's Saitama DVD. Mommy says she has to figure out if she can load stuff onto the music player. She just got the Broadway OST for "Wicked" and can't stop listening to it.

They are planning a birthday celebration at the meeting after next, it is on August 29, my Daddy's birthday!
Mommy played with me before she went to work yesterday night. I liked it so much that when she had to go we gave each other so very sad looks. When she came home late at night, she went straight into our room and Alice was still awake, and Mommy noticed I was sitting differently and my shoes were gone, but didn't say anything. She did mention that she thought I looked happy. I was happy, but Alice said it's a secret so I did not tell.

Oh, Nana, you cannot keep a secret!
The next morning Mommy was putting on a Halloween sock on her left foot and a sock with doggie pawprints on her right foot, and Nana came in and told her Alice and I had played together for a long time the night before, and we played dress-up and Super Mario Sunshine.
She made my hair look like Sora in Kingdom Hearts, and we played Kingdom Hearts 2 and had cocoa with tiny marshmallows in it, and rocky road ice cream.
Maybe Mommy should go to work more nights.


Blogger bb said...

hee... did mommy show you the pictures of your two brothers? haha, they're basking in the love and admiration of the singapore fans right this minute, you know...?

6:31 AM  
Blogger Friday said...

Yes, she did. She wishes she could come.

1:36 PM  

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