American Joon

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Good Uncles

This is Uncle Mr. Lee. He said nice things about Daddy and can sing well.

This is Uncle Mr. I don't have a last name anymore. The kids from the Boys and Girls' Club call him "Afroman" and they adore him. He called me "Rion" and made sure I was wearing my seat belt. He is so funny and very kind.

That woman says I shouldn't call them by their first names, as they deserve respect. They certainly do, I like them very much.

But not as much as my Daddy.

That woman saw off Boss Uncle and two other Uncles at the airport today. Boss Uncle is nice when he is not yelling. That woman said it was her fault he was yelling and she called him (lastname) Sang-shey nim and apologized to him. I hope That Woman is finally learning some manners.

Friday, May 26, 2006

A Day with the Uncles

Of course I wore my seatbelt. I wanh to be safe. I was in the Green Monster, in the middle of the back seat. We picked up Auntie Joanne, got some gas, and then went to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, where that woman LEFT ME IN THE CAR while some valet drove off with me. He could have stolen me! What was she thinking?

A few hours later, after sitting in the car hot, bored, and lonely - and abandoned! Someone opened up the back and started throwing golf bags into the back. Then, two men sat with me, and That Woman and another man got in front. They spoke Korean! They must be my Uncles! Do you know my Daddy?

I had to sit in the hot car again for a while, but had things to think about, so I was content. A little while later, the woman stuffed me in her bag and we got in Auntie Charlotte's car. I sat on the floor in front, at That Woman's feet until we got to Auntie Charlotte's house. I stayed in the car again, in the nice cool garage, which had a window into the kitchen. I watched them working, one in the kitchen, the other at the computer. Then, loud Auntie Gerrie came. I love Auntie Gerrie! She's Okinawan-American, and funny, and loves my Owner-Woman. She says I'm cute. She's right.

We then went back to the golf course, and three different Uncles got in, these much younger. One was a singer, one an actor, and one a comedian. Owner-woman told them to buckle their seatbelts, and Uncle Comedian said, "Oh! Does rion have his seat belt buckled?" I am not a lion. I am a Joon Bear, and yes, the woman buckled me in. I sat between them and they were nice to me, and the singer was in front, talking with my Owner-woman. "Who is your favorite actor?" he asked her, straight out. She'd agreed to not talk about her club, so that the other Korean actors wouldn't cry. She didn't say anything, so he asked her again. Finally, she said, blushing, "Look at the 'lion's' foot."

There was some conversation in Korean, and you know, I do understand Korean, but what they said is none of your business, so I will not tell you. "Ah! Mr. Bae!" My lovely, nice, wonderful, beautiful-singing voice Uncle said such nice things about my Daddy then! "He is such a good actor." True. "He's very handsome." Yes, and I look like him, do you see the resemblance? "He is very nice man, very kind to his Juniors (younger actors)." I'm not at all surprised. "He is very shy." He went snowboarding with dear, sweet singer Uncle! Oh, you are my favorite Uncle and I adore you! He sang to us the whole way home, quietly, more to himself than to us really, and truly has a lovely voice. I want a snowboard.

They stopped at Papa's office, and that smart woman gave my favorite Uncle a visor and golf gloves and tees to share. If I'd had anything other than my pink blankie, I would have given it to him, he was such a nice young Uncle! I want his CDs!

After dinner at So Gong Dong, where the fish is amazingly delicious, there was some sort of commotion downstairs in the parking garage. One of the older Uncles started yelling at the Juniors to get into the Green Monster, and one of the Senior Uncles got in too. Owner-woman was madly dialing Uncle David and telling him GET DOWN HERE, and the Boss Uncle was screaming SHELLY! DRIVE AWAY! She did. Apparently, everything was fine after that.

I was in an Uncle's lap, as they were sitting three across on the back seat of the Green Monster. The younger Uncles told the Older Uncle about me, and handed me to the front seat. The older Uncle said something rude about Daddy in Korean, then mimicked barfing to the woman. Bless her heart, she punched him hard on the arm and said "You're jealous!" and didn't let it bother her past that. Well, my Daddy is so superior, why fret over such things?

I waited in the car again while she had a meeting, proud of her, and soon she was back at the car, and that older Uncle with her. He opened the door for her, and then thank goodness I was strapped in or I would have mauled him. Bears maul people all the time in America, you know. He kissed her! I was yelling "GET YOUR FILTHY LIPS OFF MY MOMMY, YOU PERVERT!" but he pretended he didn't hear me. How DARE he?? She may be a fat, obnoxious American, but she's my Daddy's fat, obnoxious American, NOT YOURS!

When she got home, she just sat in the car for a couple minutes. Finally she turned to me. "That was so. Weird." You're not going to kiss me on the nose with those polluted lips, Missy. She took me inside, took a shower, and had citrus mint breath when she did kiss me on the nose and tuck me in. Good, I hope she washed all his germs off.

"You're not going to meet him again, are you?" I demanded. "No, I don't think so." she said. Good.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

About those GQ Photos

Of course he looks better with fur on his face.

Everybody does.

Monday, May 22, 2006

I WILL have brothers here soon!!!!

Dear Family Members,

Greetings from IMX America.

We would first like to start off by saying thank you to all of the family members. Ever since the announcement of the establishment of IMX America, we have received many letters of support from family members. Many went out of there way to offer us assistance in various ways. This was a very touching experience as we had not yet officially launched any form of service at the time and the attention and care taken was unexpected.

Thanks to all of the support we were successfully able to launch the ‘beta’ service of ( as of May 22, 2006. To start off our service, we are providing many Bae Yong Joon related products such as the official key holder set along with the highly appraised “Brokore Magazine”. (The cover of the June issue features everyone’s favorite by the way!) We are also constantly in the working with IMX headquarters in Japan to bring you many of the BYJ and IMX produced merchandise that used to be limited to the Japan market. is only the first step of what IMX America would like to do. Modeling after the success of IMX in Japan, our goal is to bring you the best of Asian content readily available for the American and international market. We will continue to try our hardest to bring you the best of Korean, further out, Asian entertainment and media.

Thank you once again for your continuous support and, as always, we are open to comments and suggestions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, or even a word of encouragement. We may not respond right away, but we are always reading your input.

Best regards,

IMX America, Inc.

It's about time...

She started another blog, for stuff about my Daddy and other Korean people.
I hope she doesn't kill this one like she did the last one, the big flake.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


What does she mean, is NOT the big secret?!?! Then what is?

Buy me presents!

Announcing the 'Beta Service' of

IMX, since its establishment in 2001, has been providing Korean drama, movie, and other content through various mediums such as the internet. Entertainment such as television drama series, music, and movies have been gaining great popularity over the past few years in countries such as Japan and China, and all across Asia to Africa, Egypt, and South America. What is being called "Hallyu" (Korean Wave) has expanded its origin to beyond Korea creating phenomena based on content created in countries all throughout Asia. The influences of this mass media hype have begun to spread through Hawai'i and has finally reached mainland America. The realities are, however, that languages barriers and the lack of a systematic process have made it difficult to satisfy the demands of residents in America.

IMX America, Inc. was established in February of 2006 to provide Asian entertainment content to satisfy this growing demand in America. As the first step, IMX America is launching, where users can find Asian content and the latest entertainment news in English, along with shopping and community services. was originally set to launch in July of 2006, but due to various customer requests supporting the service, the website will be launched as a 'beta service' on May 22, 2006. Certain features of the website are still under development and will be launched as soon as they are ready.

We look forward to your support and hope to provide the best of services.

Thank you,

IMX America, Inc.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Shhh! It's a secret!

We're not supposed to look yet...but I couldn't resist a little peek!

Now That Woman can buy me lots of presents of my Daddy!

She'll have to go get another job!

My brothers! The Image! Keychains! In America!
What's a blog calendar?

I'm so excited!!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Something is definitely up.

She went to work, brought home bags of groceries, then proceeded to cook a dinner with fresh meat and vegetables. Not a brand name on anything.

She made a very weird dessert. Strawberries with cream and brown sugar. But it was sour cream, not whipped cream. She said it was Strawberries Romanoff. I said That's not a very nice trick to play, making it look like something it's not. She replied that yes, whomever invented it and their entire family should be shot, and she and Alice chuckled at each other.

I don't get American humor at all.

Monday, May 15, 2006


David told her a secret today on her new phone.

She won't tell me what it is. I'm not happy with her right now.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I don't like it when she meets Korean men who are not my Daddy.

I will go golfing with them, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Will she buy me a new outfit?

Friday, May 05, 2006

A Room of My Own

The Woman got me a blue carp and some sweets, and fishy-tasting yummy treats made to look like animals and pretty shapes. Today is Boy Bears' Day!
I told her I'd like my own room, and she was flabbergasted at me. "Alice and I share a room, where shall we put you? The closet, or the cupboard, like Harry Potter?"
"Your bunk is only half under Alice's," I pointed out the obvious to her, "like a backwards 'L'. There's that desk under where she puts her head; you and she never use it. But there's room for me to have a few things. I want that. You can keep your water glass and alarm clock on there, and keep the emergency inhaler in the pull-out drawer."
"That's a very good idea, Friday." she said, after a moment's thought. Of course it is, I'm a highly intelligent bear.
So that is how I got some Real Estate for my Boys' Day present!
Now I need furniture and decorations for my walls!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Friday here:

She is not my Mommy.

Racism is NOT Beautiful


Friday's Mommy here.

People Magazine came out with their list of 100 Most Beautiful People. Not one Asian man in the bunch.

Please, write to and show them that one Asian man in particular is the most beautiful person on earth, both inside and out, heart, soul, face and body. Sending along a photo of Friday's Daddy or a link to some Images of him would be great, too.

Michelle C. Smith
Friday's Mommy

Monday, May 01, 2006

Oh great

Papa's birthday is Tuesday so Auntie Florence can't give M- the pictures of me with White Joon until the 9th! Oh! I'm upset!

Auntie Flor wrote that she's mad that someone made a picture of Daddy in a schoolgirl's uniform. I don't understand why she's angry...I look just as pretty in a dress as I do handsome in a suit. I guess people are different from bears. I can't imagine Daddy not looking gorgeous in anything, he's the most beautiful person in the whole world.

If only he had mohair fur, he'd be completely flawless.