American Joon

Friday, July 28, 2006

I am so famous!

I was in the Korea Times newspaper last week! Mommy went by the newspaper office and got a copy of it.
She will scan it into the computer tomorrow.

I look very handsome in the black and white picture. I stuck my neck out and got into another picture as well, just on the bottom of it.


Friday, July 21, 2006

Fun and MORE Fireworks!

We had Japanese food tonight, Mommy ate ahi belly and maguro sashimi, and shrimp tempura with all the breading picked off. I ate everything else and some chicken katsu.

Tonight, the fireworks are red.
Today, Daddy went to visit his new restaurant in Japan, Gosireh. There were about 100 aunties there, but they were quiet and well-behaved, like me. I am very happy for them!

We watched the Hilton fireworks out of the bedroom window together tonight. They were mostly red and very pretty. I wanted Mommy to play with me but she was getting Alice's school supplies ready and sending a package to Auntie Mae on Maui. Then we played a little bit, and I helped her clean our bedroom. She let me use the little red carpet brush. It is just my size!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I suppose it goes without saying...

...but I'll say it anyway.

If I had a Japanese mommy, like I was supposed to, I'd be close to my Daddy right now.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

As Promised...

Here I am, painting Calligraphy.
Aren't I clever?

Do you know what I am writing?

It is the Korean word for "Friday"!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wonderful Day!

We woke up at six, and Mommy dressed me in my green jacket.
Then, we went to the Korean Festival!

So many Aunties and several beautiful children played with me, and only one person called me a lion. One woman said she didn't like Daddy any more because he was too old now and she liked the younger ones. I did not maul her. She had gray hair and her grandchildren were with her. Mommy said no one will ever be as good as Daddy. That's right!

Mommy and I had our picture taken together:
Also, I learned to write my name in calligraphy. I will show you the pictures later. Auntie Gwen bought me presents. We got posters and books as well.

The food was excellent - Mommy's church, the Korean Catholic Community at St. Pius X, had a stand and served Los Angeles kalbi and chicken with kimchi.

I think Mommy makes a very colorful bride. Now we just need to find her a groom!

What's not to love?

I communicated with someone today who wasn't very nice to me. I was very surprised by it.

"Not everyone is gonna love you, Friday." said Mommy.

"Did I do something wrong?" I asked.

"No." she said. "Sometimes people just don't like you, and there's no real reason why. It hurts, but there's really nothing you can do about it, just be the best you that you can be. When I went to Korea, I tried my best, but later, still heard that some people there thought I was awful and horrible. I was very sad and sorry about it, but I know that I did my best, and that, in the end, is what counts."

I couldn't think of anything to say, but she brushed me and cuddled me and told me that she loved me enough for every other person in the whole world put together, and that my Aunties and sister Alice loved me a lot, too.

I felt much better after that.

Tomorrow, we will go to the Korean Festival in Kapiolani Park. Mommy volunteered us for the Cultural Booth. We will explain about masks and wedding clothes and other things. Mrs. Koga put up a big poster of Daddy, so Mommy and I will have something beautiful to look at all day. Mommy finally fits into her Winter Sonata green shirt that was too small. She will wear it. She promised some Aunties in Korea that she would have her photograph taken in hanbok. I will try not to laugh when I see it.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I want to go!

Look at Cafe B in Yokohama, named after my very pretty Auntie BB:

It is part of Brokore Land, which is like Disneyland but no rides and only one shop/restaurant. Also no parades or people in giant mouse suits.
Lovely Auntie Makiko took pictures. Hyeong Joon has moved there:

I would like to take a picture with my BIG brother, but after this one day, no pictures is the rule.

Oh please open a Cafe B in Honolulu!
Open it at Ala Moana Center or in Waikiki at the Royal Hawaiian Center. There are so many Japanese and American visitors and people who live here, who would be very happy to go there every day!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fireworks and My Life of Danger!

We did see fireworks on the fourth of July. Many people smiled at me as I sat on my little mat on the grass. We saw them over the trees, and the view was perfect. On the way home, I stuck my head out of Mommy's bag and saw more fireworks.
Then, we met the neighbors and all the humans lit sparklers and waved them around. I was not allowed to hold one on my own, because Joon Bears lack something called an "opposable thumb". But I sat nearby and a couple sparks landed on me! I was in grave danger! Mommy checked me and could not find any marks, but she sat me on my mat on the trunk of the neighbors' car and cautioned me to stay out of the way and watch at a safe distance.
I wore my green traveling jacket, that I wore when I came to live with Mommy.

There was no Ohana meeting Tuesday night because of the holiday. Here are the pictures Auntie Jane gave Mommy at the last meeting. Here is me, leading the meeting. The Aunties don't listen to Mommy unless she yells. But they listen to me, because they love Friday Joon the most!

Mommy has started to work on a new Photomosaic for some special occasion at the end of next month. I hope she is not too busy to take me places.

Ed asked her tonight: "Are you going to the midnight showing of Pirates of the Caribbean 2?" Yes, she will. "Will you take Alice?" Yes, she will. "And will you take Friday?" He asked about me!

"No." she said. What!?! "It is past his bedtime."
I protest!
I want to go, too!!

Here is the other picture, of me and Mommy. I do have to say that we look very nice together. Auntie Jane made the lei. It has kukui nuts, which Mommy mentioned before as a symbol of patiently-burning love she feels for my Daddy, in the back, two of them. It is very soft and matches exactly with my surfing shorts. Also, I had my pink blankie, which is very comfortable, and Auntie gave me a fat little Jack to cuddle, as I had lost mine - I found him!

Monday, July 03, 2006


We sat up late last night and watched Saitama DVD. Oh, my Daddy is so very handsome!

Mommy said she hardly missed subtitles in English because she kept picking up English all over the place on it. They announced my Daddy in English: "...very real, sensitive, yet awe-inspiring..." yes, yes and yes. That is he. Mommy said she loves hearing English spoken with an Asian accent, that it's so beautiful. I agree. The credits at the end were entirely in English as well, with the names backward: "Actor: Yong-Joon Bae" Mommy thought this weird, because in America they call my Daddy "Bae Yong Joon" just like everywhere else.

Today, I had a nice brushing all over, and Nana even rubbed my head. She teased me and said I am "Rion" like Mr. Nice Uncle Yoon Taek said. Mommy said "That's his middle name now, he is Friday Ryan Joon." Haha! I like that!

At Joon's Family, Auntie Esther had pictures of two of my brothers. Did you see? Oh, the hard work the Aunties did, I am so pleased and proud. Mommy will write about it when she has five free minutes. (Maybe longer).

Mommy took a survey last year of Korean Entertainment fans in America, and many people were impressed with her numbers. She will do it again in a month or so. She says she expects the numbers to be very different in some areas. We will wait and see!