Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fireworks and My Life of Danger!

We did see fireworks on the fourth of July. Many people smiled at me as I sat on my little mat on the grass. We saw them over the trees, and the view was perfect. On the way home, I stuck my head out of Mommy's bag and saw more fireworks.
Then, we met the neighbors and all the humans lit sparklers and waved them around. I was not allowed to hold one on my own, because Joon Bears lack something called an "opposable thumb". But I sat nearby and a couple sparks landed on me! I was in grave danger! Mommy checked me and could not find any marks, but she sat me on my mat on the trunk of the neighbors' car and cautioned me to stay out of the way and watch at a safe distance.
I wore my green traveling jacket, that I wore when I came to live with Mommy.

There was no Ohana meeting Tuesday night because of the holiday. Here are the pictures Auntie Jane gave Mommy at the last meeting. Here is me, leading the meeting. The Aunties don't listen to Mommy unless she yells. But they listen to me, because they love Friday Joon the most!

Mommy has started to work on a new Photomosaic for some special occasion at the end of next month. I hope she is not too busy to take me places.

Ed asked her tonight: "Are you going to the midnight showing of Pirates of the Caribbean 2?" Yes, she will. "Will you take Alice?" Yes, she will. "And will you take Friday?" He asked about me!

"No." she said. What!?! "It is past his bedtime."
I protest!
I want to go, too!!

Here is the other picture, of me and Mommy. I do have to say that we look very nice together. Auntie Jane made the lei. It has kukui nuts, which Mommy mentioned before as a symbol of patiently-burning love she feels for my Daddy, in the back, two of them. It is very soft and matches exactly with my surfing shorts. Also, I had my pink blankie, which is very comfortable, and Auntie gave me a fat little Jack to cuddle, as I had lost mine - I found him!


Blogger bb said...

hey, you've your little Jack...

& my aegi has its own Rion too :p

11:08 PM  
Blogger mrs a said...

Friday, SO you got to see red,white and BOOM, huh? I am glad you didn't get on fire from them. Remember what Smokey the Bear says, don't play with fire!

That is an impressive picture of you leading the meeting. Just like YOUR Daddy who is a great leader. You have the same qualities, handsome, daring and a true leader. Be easy on those ladies, remember they adore your daddy! Give them some sugar from time to time!

BTW - looks like you had all the essentials with you - blanket, lei and little jack.

Rider watched the fireworks from our picture window and oooohedd and awwwed at them...did you do that too?

OH, Rider wants to know how come Friday has little jack and Aegi has Rion...RIDER has nothing! Not even special room! You are getting him in trouble with his mommy, Friday. Shame on you!

5:17 AM  
Blogger Friday said...

What is Rider's address? Mail it to me:

1:53 PM  

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