Monday, July 03, 2006


We sat up late last night and watched Saitama DVD. Oh, my Daddy is so very handsome!

Mommy said she hardly missed subtitles in English because she kept picking up English all over the place on it. They announced my Daddy in English: "...very real, sensitive, yet awe-inspiring..." yes, yes and yes. That is he. Mommy said she loves hearing English spoken with an Asian accent, that it's so beautiful. I agree. The credits at the end were entirely in English as well, with the names backward: "Actor: Yong-Joon Bae" Mommy thought this weird, because in America they call my Daddy "Bae Yong Joon" just like everywhere else.

Today, I had a nice brushing all over, and Nana even rubbed my head. She teased me and said I am "Rion" like Mr. Nice Uncle Yoon Taek said. Mommy said "That's his middle name now, he is Friday Ryan Joon." Haha! I like that!

At Joon's Family, Auntie Esther had pictures of two of my brothers. Did you see? Oh, the hard work the Aunties did, I am so pleased and proud. Mommy will write about it when she has five free minutes. (Maybe longer).

Mommy took a survey last year of Korean Entertainment fans in America, and many people were impressed with her numbers. She will do it again in a month or so. She says she expects the numbers to be very different in some areas. We will wait and see!


Blogger mrs a said...

My dear Friday, of course your Daddy is handsome-he is none other than BaeYongJoon. No one can compare!

Sounds like you had a DE-LITE-FUL time. And a middle name - well you are one special little has a nice ring to it! Oh, Rider corrected me - you are one special older joon brother!

You have it made Friday! Don't let all this attention go to your head!

6:33 PM  
Blogger Friday said...

Please, do not worry Auntie Mrs. A. I am very modest as well as very good-looking, adorable, smart and brilliant. Yes, I am a humble, beautiful, intelligent, darling bear.

1:43 AM  

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