Friday, March 24, 2006

While Brokore has...

...beautiful pictures of my brothers in pretty outfits in a contest That Woman who is NOT my Mommy didn't even bother to enter me in, I'm stuck here taking care of her, because she went back to work too soon and got very much worse sick.
Also, she didn't bring me a present tonight. I knew it.


Blogger US_Guest said...

Poor Friday... You would be buried in tons of hand-made clothes if you were adopted in JP! Oh well... but think about it, I believe the place you live is much bigger than your siblings who live in JP! Even though Shelly doesn't cook nor sew... but... she treats you well, she gives you food and junk food and she likes you a lot! Maybe you can go to visit Ah-ni sometimes since his adopted person KathyD cooks and bakes well!
Tell Shelly take good care of herself since she has to take good care of you and her daughter!

9:39 AM  

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