Wednesday, March 22, 2006

American Joon

That woman who is not my mommy and her daughter are very sick, and there are more storms coming to Hawaii. She says not to be frightened as we are on a high floor, and she will not let anything happen to either of us, meaning her daughter and me. That made me feel better.

I had chicken and dumplings and artichoke tonight, and That Woman and I split a lychee popsicle, which was very good. IMX America wrote to her Senior at Hawaii K-Drama Fan Club and said something nice about the website That Woman made, which made her very happy indeed. She gets dizzy after only a few minutes of sitting up, and I promised Auntie I'd be kind to her while she's sick. I will sing some more to her now.


Blogger US_Guest said...

Hi, Friday:
I hope your foster mom(I don't know how to call her...) and her lovely daughter are feeling better!!! Again... Aunt Annie still thinks you should keep bugging that forster mom to learn to sew or use the machine to make you pants! Or at least make the store buy pants shorter so they fit you well!!! Take good care of them and yourself!

4:02 PM  
Blogger Friday said...

I think That Woman should have learned to sew by now. She doesn't cook, she doesn't sew, what kind of a decent woman is that?

7:49 PM  

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