Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Quiet Day

The Woman had to work all day today, so I read a little and napped a little, and looked out the window. She's right - there are rainbows here every day. The mountains are very green. On one side of us, there's Diamond Head, which is green and brown and comes to a peak on one side. Its real name is Leah'i, but British sailors found green glass jewels on the sandy beach below it - it was glass, that the sea had patiently polished into tiny gems. The Woman says it's a long hike through a dark tunnel, then up 99 yellow steps, to the top, but the view is beautiful, and when she has time, she'll take me there to take my photograph. She also says she's going to buy me an Aloha shirt, so I am happy. I am going to get a present!

We had roasted chicken and green beans for dinner. The Girl Alice asked if she could hold me, and she cuddled me and rubbed my hair. I'm not going to remain Mint for long, let me tell you, with all this affection. I don't mind it, not very much.

The Woman, the one who is not my Mommy, let me sit on the arm of the big recliner while she worked on her computer today. She's burning a hundred disks for her Ohana meeting tomorrow, VODs, CFs and News stories, all about my Daddy. Meanwhile, the last episode of Winter Sonata was on television. The Woman says she doesn't know what she'll do with all the spare time she's going to have now. She also says that she'd do different from the pretty lady in Winter Sonata, that having been through it, she would have followed Jun Sang to the end of the earth, even if it was just to see him die, especially if he might die, to support, care for and love him til the end, because every minute is precious with the one you love, even more so when those minutes might be numbered.

I had macadamia nut pie for dessert! That Woman doesn't care for it, so Alice and I had some, and she had several of those nasty chocolates with a cup of warm milk. She gave me some, then added something called Malt Ovaltine and that was very good indeed. I realized once again that I was hanging on to That Woman's arm while we were watching; but I was comfortable, so kept my grip.


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oh... i love choc cookies and ovaltine too!

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