Sunday, February 26, 2006

Not a very good day at all.

Day 3 of my captivity.

It was a little chilly this morning, but I was too tired to wake up all the way. Presently, I felt very safe and warm. I slowly woke to find That Woman had taken me into her bed with her, and was resting her chin on my head - I was still wearing my bandanna, thank goodness. I had been dreaming of a beautiful Asian winter, and found myself waking up in the bottom bunk with an obnoxious white woman who insists she's my Mommy, when she's really, really not.

She let me sit on the new chair in the living room while she opened a package from my Auntie Kitunyanko. Maybe it was a plane ticket for me to go live with her in Japan! To my utter disappointment, it wasn't, but the box was full of beautiful pictures of my Daddy, whom I know will come save me when he finds out my terrible situation here. She said they were for her 'Ohana, whom I'm going to go meet Tuesday night at their meeting. She says there will be about 80 women there, and they all love my Daddy. Also, we'll get to have Korean food. It's called Sorabol. That woman is taking me there tomorrow, for lunch and to give a present to the owner. I haven't had a present in two days.

She went to Beauty Touch, where the pretty women work, and did not take me. She came back with gift certificates and a magazine from Hakubundo with Daddy on the cover, and presents for her daughter Alice for Girls' Day next week - and nothing for me! To make matters worse, Auntie Kitunyanko sent chocolate in the package and That Woman said I couldn't eat any of it, that it wasn't good for me to eat!

I had some. It tasted good on the outside and funny on the inside, and I felt very warm and dizzy. When I laid down, the room spun. That Woman came home and spoke sharply to me, then showed me how to put one foot on the floor so that the room would quit spinning. She treated me more kindly, and gave me Ionade so that I wouldn't get sick from being dehydrated, and told me from now on I have to "lay off the booze". I didn't know it would make me sick if I ate it. I saw the CF with Daddy eating it, so I wanted it, too. Oh my head.

I didn't feel like eating lunch, and took a long nap. When I woke up, That Woman was still holding me. I felt better. I sat next to her while she edited pictures of Daddy on her computer for t-shirts for her Ohana. Her daughter worked on the other computer, learning how to say the names of animals in French. She taught me how to say "bear" but I forgot.

We ate dinner late, and she got us Pho Ga from Viet Cafe, to be kind to our stomachs. She meant mine, and I appreciated it. But she is still not my Mommy. It was delicious. I decided not to eat my jalapeno so slipped it into her bowl. She didn't see it, and when she chewed it, she was surprised! When her parents came home, she offered them some of the Rummy and Bacchus that I hadn't eaten, and they liked it. I have no comment.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.


Blogger bb said...

seems like friday's beginning to settle in quite nicely. haha, like the part where he had the rummy chocs :)

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