Monday, February 27, 2006

Day 4

Today, it rained, so she did not take me to Sorabol to meet nice ladies and eat Korean food. She went on her own, and they liked the website design she made for that other actor who is not my daddy. She's making them fans and banners for their bus - they're going to Korea to meet him. My loyal not-Mommy is staying here, with me. She's not that big of a fan, is doing it for her friend.

We had sandwiches for dinner and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I liked the cookies very much. I had a glass of milk with the cookies, which were still slightly warm.

Alice danced with me in the living room, and told me we're looking for a bigger place to live now that we can afford it. That Woman and Alice will have their own rooms. Maybe I will have my own bed and space for my clothes and toys, if she ever gets me any. I hope we can still watch the fireworks on Friday nights. That Woman said that the fireworks are for me, because they're Friday Fireworks. I was pleased with her for saying that. I don't think it's the truth, but I'm pleased with her for it anyway.

We watched episode 19 of Winter Sonata on IATV together tonight. I didn't realize I was hugging her arm until she tried to loosen it. I pretended I didn't notice. My Daddy is an excellent actor. That woman cried a little while watching him. She's obnoxious, but I am beginning to suspect that somewhere in that oversized chest of hers, there is a little bit of a heart. She keeps stroking my hair and kissing me on my nose. I let her do that, because it would be bad manners to not, and I am a very polite and well-behaved bear.

I hope tomorrow is pretty so that she can take me out and maybe buy me some new clothes. Or that it's not, so that she'll stay home and bake me some more cookies. Today was better than yesterday.


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friday hugged 'not-mommy'yet'! that's progress!

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