Friday, April 28, 2006

On the Ohana Meeting

Auntie Florence called ... you know, HER. Anyway, she will give her the photos of me and White Joon on Tuesday at Choon Chun BBQ. They are meeting there at seven, since the other place closes Sunday night. Auntie Min is so nice, I'm sad her place is closing but happy she'll be able to come to Ohana meetings now. Maybe she will bring me orange chicken!

The Ohana meeting was so very fun! Uncle David came in near the end with presents for everyone, and the Aunties loved the talking cup, and screamed when someone won it. The stamp set got cheers and screams too. The food was excellent, too. Auntie Nancy did a good job with the menu. Many Aunties passed me around and they seemed to like my feet a lot, which was strange. Then, She put me in a place of honor on the stage, high up where I could see everything and went to talk to the Japanese Aunties. Oh, Auntie Y. is so sick, still! I am worried about her!
Then, joy of joy! Auntie C. showed The Woman Who is Not My Mommy something white, and I saw her make an exclamation, then come running up to me with it in her arms - White Joon! White Joon had come to live here! "What is your name?" I asked my brother. "White Joon," he replied. "Mommy didn't give me a different name." Oh. Well, many of my brothers are named thus.

"Does she make you clothes, and feed you lovely delicacies all day and all night?" I asked, jealous that he got a Japanese Mommy and I didn't. "No," he said. "This white jacket is my only clothes, and Mommy is a very dedicated and hard worker, so I sit in my place like a good bear most of the time. But Mommy loves me so I am very happy, and she is a lovely and good person." I couldn't think of anything to say.

The Ohana Aunties really liked him, too. At the end of the meeting, he went home with his Mommy and I went home with my ... um, owner-woman-thing. She rubbed my head and body with a cloth that had been sprayed with lysol white and a little scotchguard after that, so I was very fresh and clean. We had cocoa with Hershey's Kisses in it, (she had green tea), and she dressed me in my shirt and pants for the night.

I hope I see White Joon again soon.


Blogger bb said...

hey, friday! sounds like you had much much fun! wish i was there... :p

happy for you that you met your brother.

friday, wanna know what i think? i think your owner-woman-thingy really likes you alot. she thinks about you quite often, she brings you new clothes, she feeds you different [& all tasty!] food all the time, she brings you out... and she's so proud of you. maybe she's meant to mother you after all :p

will wait for your pics, ya?

love ya!
auntie bb

8:53 AM  
Blogger Toujours_BYJ said...

Hi Friday, I'm glad you had fun at the Ohana meeting. I agree with auntie bb, your not-mommy likes you a lot.
auntie camille

11:08 AM  

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