Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My Second Ohana Meeting

I ate a lot, bulgogi, seafood pancake sliced like a pizza, chicken, tofu and beef soup, and got passed around from Auntie to Auntie to Auntie, and they all loved me. I had a wonderful time. That woman got sick, though, and kept sitting down. She put a cover over my head when we went in and out, so I wouldn't get wet, because it was raining very hard. I was mad at first, then when she uncovered me and there was Korean food and Aunties, I was very pleased indeed.

That Woman was so happy, though, because even though there were fierce storms - we could hear the thunder over the chatter in the restaurant, and some streets were flooded - but sixty women braved the weather to come to the meeting, some from the other side of the island, where it was really difficult to come from.

Also, they thought my plaid smock was pretty, and they liked Jack, too.


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