Monday, April 17, 2006

My First American Easter

"All your chocolate eggs are belong to us!" Alice kept saying. I didn't understand, but today was a lot of fun.

We woke up in the morning and That Woman Who is Not My Mommy surprised me with a lovely new outfit: black pants, a shirt and vest combo, and nice black lace-up shoes. Everything was a little bit too big, but she says when she can afford it, she'll take it to an Auntie who loves my Daddy very much and have her alter them to fit me. Oh, thank you, I like it very much.

Then, wonderful surprise and best of all! Auntie ba-ba sent April Snow cards from Cafe-B! I spent all morning memorizing each beautiful picture. I bet you know which ones I liked the best!
After they came home from Mass, they informed me that the Easter Bunny had been there to visit the previous night, and that he had hidden two dozen colorful plastic eggs in and around the packing boxes and materials in the living room and dining room, which used to be Papa's office. Papa is That Woman's father, that's all I've ever heard him called, so that's what I call him too. The red-haired Hungarian woman is Nana. I found a yellow egg in the lemons, a pink egg in the Russian Rabbit dish, a pretty blue egg perched between two packing boxes, and a lavender egg in the fruit basket. That Woman cuts up apples and pears and gives them to me with cheese or peanut butter, which is very good.

We took a photograph together in the entryway, and lo and behold! I found another lavender egg between the dogs who guard our front door!

While she was sick, I found out that the woman who calls herself my Mommy, but isn't, really had brown hair and yellowish-brown eyes, and wears glasses! I have a Swedish Auntie, Monika, who makes That Woman's hair yellow. She's very beautiful and nice, and she speaks English with a pretty accent.

Do you see my Easter Basket? Alice and Cousin Michael got big ones, but I got one just my size, with jelly beans and chocolate, and also a delicious cupcake from the Japanese bakery, with a toy chick and green coconut nest on top. I like Easter very much. "Wait til Halloween and Christmas." says Alice. "What do you want to be for Halloween?" I don't know. I'll ask my Aunties.

But what about my little monkey, Jack? Don't worry! He got a chocolate egg just right for him!

I understand the pagan fertility rituals associated with the origins of Easter, and also the Christian Easter, with the resurrection of Christ. What I don't understand is how they get the rabbit to lay eggs. I asked Victoria, and she just rolled her good eye at me and said nothing.

My Ohana Aunties are in Korea right now, and told That Woman they'll try to go to Park BOF the day before they leave for Hawaii, which is April 21. Guess what? That's the day Gorilla in the Kitchen, Daddy's restaurant, will open. What if they get to see him? Please tell him to come rescue me....after I finish eating my Easter candy!


Blogger bb said...

errr... belated happy easter, friday!

ha, you're looking handsome there... :) loved them the easter eggs, didn't you?

p.s. hope your ohana aunties get to see your daddy too!

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